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Strong Wind
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“Strong Wind” is the best book to come out of Strong Wind, since Strong Wind. For five years in the making, the book was carefully written for your enjoyment, to make you laugh  from the first to the last page, at the same time leaving you with a valuable life lesson- that we are  all equal regardless of our disability.  On 4 December, 2012, I won a Gifted Stars Literature Award from the Department of Women,  Children and People with Disability (DWCPD) for my writing.  On 22 May, 2013, I was a guest in  parliament in Cape Town having been invited by Minister Lulu Xingwana where she said the  following about my book, “One of our VVIP’s today in the gallery is Mr Nenio Mbazima a deaf  author and comedian. Please buy his book; you will laugh from the first page to the last”.    The idea of writing the book came about after I struggled to get employed.  I’m an experienced  and qualified film producer/ director.  To many companies, my experience and qualification did not  matter at all, what mattered to them was whether I can hear, they overlooked the fact that one can  still make good quality films without the need of hearing.  Out of desperation, I even applied for jobs as a driver in which I was told that I’m over qualified.   That placed me in the middle of nowhere.  Aware that I’m not alone, millions of deaf people all over the world experience the same thing, I  decided to write my own autobiography to share with you my life story.  I believe that through  reading about me, you will learn about what deaf people go through in their everyday life.  I trust that you will learn to employ people based on their qualification and experience not on  whether they can hear or not.  Get your own copy of the 420 pages captivating Strong Wind.   
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Chapter Seven Nenio, the Entrepreneur: My brother Nelson and I, seeing that there was no cinema in  the community took advantage of that by building a shack just  by the edge of our home where kids could come to watch  movies.  The cost of video projector was beyond our pockets, so we  used our creativity to project the videos to the wall.  I don’t remember where we got the film strips from, we placed  the film strips in front of a torch and in turn there was a  magnifying glass in front of the film strips and we moved it by  hand downward, as it moved, it illuminated on a white sheet of  paper glued to a wall. (6 pages)  Chapter Eight The Karate Black Belt:  I was between 11 and 12 years old when I joined Kyokushin  Kai karate which was founded by Sosai or Master Masatutsi  Oyama, and I was the weakest karate student in town if not  the whole country or the whole of Africa, as I was still not fully  recovered from my illness.  I lacked balance but that did not  discourage me.  I trained as if no one was watching.  I was there to train karate and not to allow my  weaknesses to let me down. (4 pages)                Chapter Nine Fashion Modelling: Prior to becoming a model I was very shy; modeling taught me  to be confident.  I’m not saying that I’m 100% confident, there  are times where I shake for unknown reasons, such as at a  job interview, that is not a sign of confidence- I have a long  way to go.  (9 pages) 
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