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Chapter Twenty Four Hearing People- the Big Headache: I know you are hearing, I’m sorry to have to say this, but  hearing people are a headache, a very big one when it comes  to understanding deaf people.  Please note that I don’t mean  you, if you were a headache to me, you were not going to buy  this book, but don’t forget that you are a hearing person.  Many funny and serious things have happened in my life  because of my deafness.  (4 pages)  Chapter Twenty Five The Sweetness of Deafness: When I found out that I’m deaf more than two decades ago I  considered it as a loss mainly because for the first time in my  life I was unable to participate in activities that I used to take  for granted. I could no longer listen to music, chat with friends  over the phone, and could no longer hear many other  pleasantries which come from being part of the hearing world.  I was wrong, I soon discovered that deafness in and of itself  can be a good thing.  Deafness is not pathological, but merely  another way of being normal.  (10 pages) 
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