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I have never read an interesting book in many years, like the one I was reading written  by Nenio, I’ve enjoyed each and every page I was reading, I have learned a lot  through your book, a lot, I have finished it this morning, I was reading your conclusion,  its brilliant and very much motivating, I’m proud to have such a brilliant friend like you,  (should I call you my friend LOL).   Mapule will be back next week, and she can’t wait to read it. Please don’t call me  mama, we are of the same age, fortunately for me my hair is still black, LOL,  I’m not good in writing or expressing myself but I enjoyed your book, I was always  laughing while I was reading, I’ll pray for you to see the people you want to see, Mr  Nelson Mandela and the others, I just wish he can get hold of your book and read it,  once he can read he will set up a meeting to see you, hold on to your dream soon you  will find yourself in parliament, I said soon, and I mean soon,  Thanks a million for the inspiring book you wrote, I feel motivated, and I’ll be waiting  for the second book, part two, Mr Mandela wrote many books about his life, so what  will be stopping you to write part two of Strong Wind. I’ll be waiting.  From Nkhesane Maluleke- Albarton  I read your book- very inspiring.  (writer/ reader unknown)  I really loved reading your book and my mother in law ‘stole’ it from me. She saw it,  started reading and could not put it down.  From David Brown- Observatory  Nenio, I like you, I am enjoying reading your book. I would like to meet you soon to  share with you my current work in the disability sector. (writer/ reader unknown)  One of our VVIP’s today in the gallery is Mr Nenio Mbazima a deaf author and  comedian. Please     buy his book; you will laugh from the first page to the last. Lulama Xingwana- Minister of Woman, Children and People with Disability.   Parliament, Cape Town.  I met Nenio at the John Carter Campaign and after the first introduction he presented  his boook to me, titled ‘Strong Wind’ I could not wait to start reading his book. I started that very same night, with no  regrents thus far.  Nenio tells about his life, adventures, relationships, faith and culture that he explored  with the challlenges of being Deaf.  His expressive emotions, humor and gratitude to the ones that he holds dear to his  heart.  This book will be uplifting to many Deaf people within the Deaf community and I  encourage young Deaf people to read this book.  I am a hearing person, but I could relate to many of the things that he expressed in his  book. I read his book not knowing what to expect and was eager to read through the entire  book once I got started.  This book highlights many misconceptions, controversial topics within the Deaf  community, and controversial topics within the hearing community as well as families  learning to deal with accepting deafness into their homes.  In my opinion this book ‘a good read’ but could be used to empower our Deaf youth  encouraging them to gain a better future as well as the educating nations within South  Africa about being Deaf.  I enjoyed reading this book.  Regards  Claudia Naidoo- Mulbarton  It’s great fun- reading and laughing all the way, sometimes it’s sad.  Martin Chemhere- Zimbawbwe  Your book is nice, my daughter and I are enjoying it.  From Dudu- Midrand  Thank you for the book my brother, we love it a lot and it’s very funny. It’s a nice book  brother.  From Tsakani Mbazima- Ratanda  A good read. I laughed and cried, but I enjoyed it.  From Nwabisa Matomela Molefe- Midrand  Just read Chapter 29; Destina, my destiny, First time Dad. So touching, I could feel how you felt in that situation, and all I like is the way you and  your wife are so close.  Destina a beautiful name, you are so smart to translate it from another language, wise  decision. All the best to a second baby in future. Congratulation nenio! I just finished your book, I must say it inspire me. You made me  wish to write mine. I noticed that you went through a lot and made it to the best  because "there is light at the end of the tunnel". I like the way you handle things.  Strong Wind means it all; strong man that is Nenio, an African deaf. Am proud of you.  All the best in every step of the way. Looking forward to seeing you in person sooner.  Truelove Ndlovu- Durban    Good Day  Nenio  Thank you for your lovely e-mail, although I cried my lungs out when I read it. It is so  close to home.    My name is Nokuphumla Booi my world also became dark in 2005  after I lost my sight due to retinal problems. At that time I was 27years old and working  as a Librarian. I lost the job, they couldn’t accommodate me with a disability. My life  changed I couldn’t see the blue sky and beautiful flowers anymore, furthermore   the  society perceived me differently. I went for rehabilitation but the discrimination I get at  work is unbearable sometimes, I’m currently studying Masters in HIV and AIDS  Management but finding the job is so not easy. I’m currently underemployed as a  Switchboard operator  which makes me to question God’s love for those of us He made  differently but He has a good purpose for everything. Do you have electronic copies of  your book?  I wish you all the best, God bless.   Warm Regards  Phumla  E.mail your comments to:  
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Chapter Ten Tthe Building Plans Designer: Although I missed school when I spent months recuperating  at home, I made sure that I put my time to good use, I could  have easily become bored or joined the boy next door, who  dropped out of school to sniff glue , but I did not, instead, I  kept myself busy. I began by drawing askew shaped houses which my family  laughed at every time I showed them in the evenings.  In my  eyes they were beautiful; I could not understand what they  were laughing at.  To me they were just jealous so I  continued drawing.  With time my drawings become better  and better and today I design building plans for clients.  (5  pages)  Chapter Eleven Further Training:  I trained television production from a television company for  seven months, after that I established my own television and  film production company.  I called the company DeafPower  Productions.  My first film as a producer and director of  DeafPower is called Key for the Future.  I went on to produce  two other films before I won a scholarship to go and further  my studies at university.  (5 pages)               Chapter Twelve Work like a Slave, Live like a Slave: My dad, on hearing my working/ training conditions at the film  company I was in, he called me to meet him.  He told me to  return home where I will eat and be merry.  I told him that I  could not, I just wanted to complete the few remaining  months.  He tried to make me change my mind and return  home for good, but I could not listen.  A week later they phoned to tell me that my dad had had a  stroke.  The stroke happened more than nine years ago but  up to this day I still ask myself if whether it was caused by  me.  I always think that if I listened to dad and returned home  he would be well now. (10 pages)  Chapter Thirteen Going to University: At the University of the Witwatersrand, that I attended, I had  a sign language interpreter in class. There were times my  interpreter complained that I fall asleep while he is  interpreting, he said he did not like it because that made him  feel like a robot.  I was not pleased with his complaints, I did feel tired  sometimes, just like the rest of the hearing students, and all  of them did fall asleep in class now and then.  I’m human and  I cannot control it when my eyes start to close in the middle  of the class, even if I could take a sellotape to use it keep my  eye lids open, that won’t work. My interpreter should have seen me as just like everyone  else, if he complains to me for falling asleep that means he  must also complain to the hearing students who fall asleep in  class. (5 pages) Chapter Fourteen Nenio’s Film-biography: I chose a career in film so that apart from exposing to the  world the plight of deaf people, I can also earn a living.  I wrote my first film script called Blood of a Deaf Man in the  year 2000.That script is collecting dust; it’s a feature film  which I hope to produce one day.  My first film which I produced in 2001 is called Key for the  Future, duration- 17 minutes.  This film is almost about my  own life experience when I was the only deaf person at  school and without a Sign Language interpreter.  It shows a deaf girl struggling in school and becoming a  subject of ridicule for failing her class tests.  (9 pages)  Chapter Fifteen Nenio Meets the King: Please before you read this chapter, I want to tell you that I  did not arrive at the palace in a Germany chauffeur driven  limousine, nor was I treated to a red carpet welcome and  inspected the guards of honour and all the royal ceremonial  elegance and splendor, as is often the case with visiting  heads of states.   I was not a head of state when I met King  Mswati III of Swaziland; I was a no body, but an ambitious  young man who arrived driving a rickety old car, I still don’t  understand why the soldiers at the gates did not tell me that  my car was polluting the palace grounds.  (7 pages)  Chapter Sixteen Looking for a Job: I could not believe it that in the 21st century the world was  still ignorant about deaf people.  Despite all my experience  and skills, spanning over seven years, there was no film or  television company willing to employ me.  Judging by the response I received every time I sent my  curriculum vitae (CV) to TV or film companies, they wanted  my service, expertise and skills.  I had been to numerous  interviews, too many in such a way that I lost count, all with  one devastating results, such as, “sorry we did not know that  you are deaf, but we need a hearing person for the job”.    (5 pages)  Chapter Seventeen Living with Deafness: Sometimes when I meet deaf people for the first time and I  introduce my wife to them, when they discover that she is  hearing they will openly and in front of her criticize me for  marrying a hearing woman and ask all sorts of unnecessary  questions such as why I did not marry a deaf woman. I often  laugh.  (11 pages)  
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