Modesty.  Ambition.  Serenity
Strong Wind
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Chapter Twenty Am I really Deaf?: This is the question I have to endure countless times from my  deaf brothers and sisters, sometimes from hearing people,  even my family members have at times swore that I can hear.  The reason deaf people say they don’t believe that I’m one of  them is because of the way I use Sign Language.  While they  use the language perfectly and seamlessly, the way I sign is  not correct, I sign like a hearing person still learning the  language.  Those who know Sign Language use it undiluted, but when I  sign I dilute it with English grammar just as hearing people do  when they try to sign.  This is enough to make them suspect  that I’m a fake deaf person.  (10 pages)  Chapter Twenty One Johannesburg: My first memory of Johannesburg was getting lost in the city center.  I was with my wife and we wanted to get transport home, but we got lost, we found ourselves walking round and round in one place.  (5 pages)
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3 December 2013
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