Modesty.  Ambition.  Serenity
Strong Wind
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Chapter Twenty Two Nenio, the Beggar: I’m not from a better-off back ground, but I am too proud to  beg.  However, there are many occasions where I have to  beg, I continue to beg even today and for as long as I live I’ll  always beg even if I may happen to become extremely  wealthy, begging will always be part of me.  I’m not begging for money, I’m begging for something which is  beyond my reach- that is using a phone.  There are times  when sending an e-mail or SMS is not an option, I need to  make a phone call.  In order to do that, I have to beg.  Things  are much easy when the person I’m asking from is a person I  know, but a total stranger, that is something else.  (21 pages) Chapter Twenty Three Nenio, the Virgin: I was a laughing stock to my friends back in my high school  days.  I was the only virgin within my circle of friends; they  used to laugh at me for that.  Not because it was hard for me  to talk a girl into having sex with me, I was simple not ready  and not interested into rushing things.  (5 pages) 
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