Modesty.  Ambition.  Serenity
Strong Wind
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Chapter Eighteen Remember Your Deaf Sibling: I grew up in a wonderful caring and loving family where they  did not regard me as a deaf person, which is why I feel at  home in both the deaf and hearing world, however, there were  times when I often got forgotten, perhaps, they forget that I’m  deaf and fail to keep me informed of important matters of the  family.  Example, I would be sitting and chatting to my parents, then I remembered that I have not seen a relative in ages and  I ask mom why so and so stopped visiting us, to my shock she would tell me that he passed away about three years ago.  I  do get surprised to hear that he had died and for the past  three years I was kept in the dark, but I was not surprised that  it’s only now that I know about it, for I already know that deaf  people are the last to be informed of anything in a family.  (36  pages)  Chapter Nineteen My Wife and I: One day I asked my wife how she feels that I am grey haired  especially since I am only 32 years old.  She replied by saying  that when we walk in the city together people think that she is  walking with her father.  (7 pages) 
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