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My name is Nenio Makhosini Mbazima.  I was born on 17 October 1976.  I have six brothers and  one sister.  My parents were three children short from forming a Mbazima United Football Club.  I’m  glad, they did not because the Manchester United were not going to enjoy having a stiff competitor.  In 1986 I turned deaf after suffering from meningitis.  That kept me away from school for two years.   After that, I returned back to the school I was in as a hearing learner.  It was not easy as I was not  provided with a sign language interpreter in class.  I did fail a few times as a result, but then, after visiting deaf people for the first time and observed  that plights, I told myself to fail no more.  I passed all my way to university, not because I’m smart,  but because I did not want to find myself fixing your shoes, cutting your hair or drinking beer seven  days a week as a career.  Is drinking beer a career?  According to me, it is if you drink seven days  a week, morning to evening.  After school, I trained the art of television production for seven months and I used that skills to  establish a TV production company.  The aim of the company was to use the power of the media to  give deaf people a voice.  I later furthered my studies on Television Production and Theory at  University of the Witswatersrand.  I’m married with one daughter  Get your own copy of Strong Wind to read the full story.  
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Chapter Four Back to School: Being deaf in a normal school was not easy; I struggled  especially since I had no Sign Language interpreter.  Primary  school was worse as kids are very ignorant.  I was the subject  of ridicule because of the way my voice sounded and the way  I failed at times.  No wonder I fought a lot and got myself in  trouble, very big trouble, “Nenio the Trouble Maker”.(11 pages)  Chapter Five Sundays:  I used to doze off in church each Sunday, while others were  singing and praising the Lord I’ll fall asleep, I hope as you  read this you understand why.  Imagine being blind and  attending a church for deaf people where everything is said in  Sign Language- a language you can neither see nor hear,  would you enjoy? You would truly fall asleep; the difference is  that no one would notice that you had fallen asleep since you  are blind.  (12 pages)                Chapter Six Nenio the Volunteer: I worked as a volunteer for about four years.  A few  years later after deaf people had gained my trust  they elected me to be their sports president a  position I held for two years (according to their  constitution, an elected member can hold that  particular position for two years only) (8 pages) 
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