Modesty.  Ambition.  Serenity
Strong Wind
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Introduction The reason I was able to write this 420 pages book is  because I suffer from a disease called, “I can do it”.  The idea of writing this book was first hinted to me in 2003  and I brushed that person aside by saying, “Easier said than  done”.  I thought that I had nothing to write about.  I was  urged to write once again in late 2007, that’s when I decided  to turn the saying, “Easier said than done”, into, “Easier done  than said”.  Chapter One The Beginning: My name is Nenio Makhosini Mbazima.  The name  Nenio is Spanish derived from El Niño which means “the boy”,  and refers to Christ the Child, because El Niño usually  happens around Christmas.  El Niño causes strong winds and my name Nenio was derived  from El Niño therefore Nenio means Strong Wind- the title of  this book. Makhosini is a Swazi name meaning, ‘The Mountains where  Kings are buried’; I was named after my grandfather from my  mother’s side- Makhosini Dlamini from Ntfonjeni in Swaziland.  ((20 pages)                Chapter Two My Family: My parents have eight children, seven boys and only one girl.  You might be wondering why we are eight.  If I tell you that my sister Martha is the second from the last born and then you use your head you’ll understand why my parents have eight children. They had been trying for a girl, every time they decided to  have a baby they hoped it would be a girl. As fate would have  it, they kept giving birth to boys.  When they finally gave birth  to a girl they decided for another try at a girl to at least have  two girls, but, a big but, their last born child is a boy, and they  stopped there, probably they said to themselves, enough was  enough.    I’m glad they stopped trying for another girl or else we would  have formed a soccer club called Mbazima United Football  Club.  (24 pages)  Chapter Three The Day my World Became Silent: Returning from a comma, I woke up in hospital and I  wondered how I got there.  After a few weeks in hospital I told  the nurse that my ears were painful and asked for eardrops,  she told me that they were no eardrops.  The following day I  woke up to discover that I could not hear- I was DEAF. That  was a devastating blow to my family and I, for, suddenly, my  world was silent.  (11 pages) 
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10.  I won’t wait for others to take the first step. 9.  If it is to be, it’s up to me. 8.  If not me, who?  If not now, when? 7.  Let me take a shot at it. 6.  I will not pass the buck. 5.  You can count on me. 4.  It IS my job! 3.  Just do it! 2.  I will. 1.  ME!!!
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